Kickboxing & Krav Maga

Build a healthier, happier you. Learn the skills necessary to defend yourself or your loved ones, and have a blast doing it!
Get fit, tone & strengthen, lose weight, and learn self-defense!


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Get shredded, tone Muscles, build self-defense, gain confidence & much more!

Our Adults love the benefits they see after training at Martial Arts Advantage. No experience necessary! If you want to better yourself then this is the perfect fit. Had a long day at work? Blow off some steam, re-focus yourself, and balance out a long day. And, if you just need to hit the bags for a bit…we got those too. =]

Looking to lose weight fast or build muscle? Our structured program will help! Classes are designed with fitness in mind. Even if self-defense is your main concern, you still need to bolster your body to propel that self-defense. Interested in protecting yourself or your loved ones? We teach easy-to-learn, effective real-world techniques. Plus, you’ll have a blast!

Positive Self-Image

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Better Yourself

Structured & Empowering

Tone & Strengthen

Get Fit, Healthy, and Happy

Empowered Mind

Defense Against Negativity

Evolved Curriculum

Progressive Martial Arts

Team Camaraderie

Friends Who Cheer You On

Professional Team

Caring, Certified Instructors


Real World, Effective Skills

Learn through Fun

Exciting, Active Drills & Fun



Burn calories, tone muscles, strengthen your cardio, and fill your spirit while having fun learning self defense, hitting pads, and training with friends. Learn real, effective Muay Thai striking & skills.


Krav Maga

Krav Maga is a Hebrew phrase that translates to “contact combat”. This Israeli Self-Defense System employs the most effective and efficient self-defense available today with real world application.

“Great atmosphere, very well trained staff, very friendly and a variety of styles and/or fitness programs to choose from. My family and I have been training here for over 9 years now and we love it. Highly recommend this academy  🙂 :)”

Joseph B.

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