Helping Your Child Manage Anxiety About Testing

Martial Arts Advantage conducts testing and graduation for our students at the end of every session (approximately 8 weeks.) Setting goals and working to achieve them is a big part of the martial arts journey and helps our students gain confidence, and perseverance. Students look forward to reaching a new belt level and love wearing […]

Summer Camp for South Tampa Families

Summer break from school offers families with children a great opportunity to plan for summer vacations together, visit extended family, have some less hectic scheduling, and relax. Right? Of course along with the opportunities it gives your family, it can also bring some challenges. Some of the challenges include: Finding ways to keep the kids […]

The Martial Arts Journey leads to an Italian Adventure

Our founder, Master Anthony Kuntz has been training in the martial arts since he was a young boy. He has trained in many different disciplines and in many countries before settling here in the Tampa Bay area where he established Martial Arts Advantage nearly 25 years ago.  He recently commented that even if he wasn’t […]

Improve Self-Esteem with Kids Martial Arts

improve self-esteem with martial arts classes

A healthy self-esteem is very important for a child’s success in school, and in life. Studies show martial arts classes can improve self-confidence and overall self-esteem in children.