Our After School Ninjas pick up from schools in North Tampa, South Tampa, and Lutz:

Parents LOVE That Their Kids Are Developing Life Skills, Staying Active, Getting Stuff Done, Expressing Their Creative Side, and Remaining Safe — All While They’re at Work!

Martial Arts Advantage specializes in building future leaders; one black belt at a time! Your child will build leadership characteristics such as focus, self-discipline, and courtesy. We know it is important to develop these attributes in kids, so that they have improved behavior and better grades in school. We reinforce all the good behaviors you are teaching them, so that they continue at home, in school, and in the community.

Your child will be transported from his/her school directly to our academy. There, our After School Ninjas students will have a chance to burn off some energy after being in school all day, as well as have some quiet time; the perfect opportunity to enjoy a snack or dive into some school work.

Plus, they will participate in a full fledged martial arts class promoting fitness and self-defense as well as respect and discipline — reinforcing all the great moral values you teach them at home. You want to give your child the best in life; we are here to help.

You can rest easy knowing that our qualified, warm, and friendly Martial Arts Advantage Team Members are on hand. Our goal is to help them succeed, so we focus on the needs of every individual child to give them all the tools necessary to make that happen.

Martial Arts Advantage’s After School Ninjas is the best and most unique place for your children to spend their time after school. Our professional team and instructors make sure that your child gets the BEST instruction and the MOST FUN while at the academy!

Your Kids Get Their Own Space! =]

We understand how important it is for kids to have a little slice of paradise they call their own. Our After School Ninjas dedicate areas to the students that way they have a home away from home. Plus, these sectioned off areas are packed with the tools they need to help them succeed in life!

We have two great After School Ninjas in the Tampa Area. Read about our North Tampa or South Tampa programs below.

North Tampa: After School Ninjas

Our North Tampa ASN serves the North Tampa area including Lutz. Your children will be transported from their school for afternoon pick-up to our safety-first, family friendly environment at Martial Arts Advantage North.

There they will be greeted by our Nationally Certified Black Belt Instructors and warm, friendly Martial Arts Advantage Team. Your children will get to enjoy mat-space to have fun, relax, and unwind after a long school day. The kids have a blast doing our many active and structured games on the mat. They LOVE it!

The Team will also help your children transition into some quiet time where they can enjoy a snack they brought from home (or purchased at the academy) to re-fuel and re-charge for the day. During quiet time students can work on their daily tasks and prepare for the next day. Our friendly team is there to nurture, guide, and help them as the ASN kids progress in their own self-development.

Our goal is to build upon and reinforce the characteristics you are teaching them at home. That is why one of our pillars for success is our Martial Arts Program that teaches about the Five Tenets of TaeKwon-Do: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit. Students will learn what these words mean AND learn the actions that are associated with each. For example, in order for their “Courtesy” to work, they have to use it. So, we encourage answering up with respect and sharing their positive attitudes and friendly help with others.

Finally, the kids will already stay active from the amazing games and drills we employ for them AND they will learn self-defense and structure from the Martial Arts classes they take as a group. You will see the pride and joy on their face when they show you the new stripes they earn on their belts that correspond to a lesson, activity, or technique for the day!

South Tampa: After School Ninjas

Our South Tampa After School Ninjas is the best in the area! That is clear when you see the spacious 1,500 square foot facility with designated room sectioned off for quiet time, personal projects, or school work your youngster would like to complete.

During their stay there are pre-packaged snacks available to keep the After School Ninjas fueled and ready to tackle the next activities! This includes being able to visit any of the separate recreational rooms that have board games, building blocks, Legos, and video consoles.

There is even a reading room with a vast selection of age appropriate books, so your child can always be boosting their vocabulary, creativity, and imagination. In addition to the books, the academy hosts a TV room with comfortable couches.

Children succeed through our positive reinforcement and behavioral reward system using points to let them know they are doing a great job and on track for progress! Coupled with the daily, formal TaeKwon-Do classes taught by our nationally certified, high ranking TaeKwon-Do instructors and you have a formula that could not be better to set your child up for success in any avenue of life!

In addition to our Black Belt Instructors and Martial Arts Advantage Team Members your child will be accompanied by Board Certified Elementary School Teachers from local South Tampa Schools, Educational Majors from the University of Tampa, and Paraprofessional Teachers!

Martial Arts Advantage has Two Great Locations in Tampa!

Our phenomenal After School Programs pick up from schools in North Tampa, South Tampa, and Lutz. Visit or Call Us Today!

North Tampa

234A E. Bearss Ave.


South Tampa

3311 S. Dale Mabry Hwy.