Get Fit, Improve Muscle Tone, Lose Weight, and Learn Self-Defense!

Martial Arts Advantage’s programs for Adults deliver the benefits you need. Find the one that is right for you!

Build a Healthier, Happier You. Learn the Skills Necessary to Defend Yourself or Your Loved Ones, and Have a Blast Doing It!

Our Adults LOVE the benefits they see after training in our Martial Arts programs. No experience necessary! If you want to better yourself then the Martial Arts Advantage is the perfect fit for you. Had a long day at work? Having an exercise regimen like the Martial Arts is a healthy way to blow off steam. Plus, it’ll help you re-focus and balance out a long day. And, if you just need to hit the bags for a bit…we got those too. =] Looking to lose weight fast or build muscle? Having a structured program will help! Our classes are designed with fitness in mind. Even if self-defense is your main concern, you still need an engine to propel that self-defense. Your body is your engine and we’ll help you build it!

Interested in protecting yourself or your loved ones? We teach easy-to-learn, effective real-world techniques. When it comes to striking we teach what works employing a variety of techniques including knees and elbows.


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Interested in Grappling? Train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) emphasizes ground fighting, employing the most EFFECTIVE chokes and submissions in Martial Arts. Statistics show that 80% of fights end up on the ground, so it only makes sense that in order to protect yourself better you learn how to fight to survive when an altercation lands you on your back. Unlike most other martial arts, BJJ allows a smaller person to defeat a larger opponent by sophisticated application of leverage and techniques, instead of muscle. Popularized in “reality fighting tournaments,” BJJ stands out against other martial arts as a proven method of self-defense! It consists of learning how to defend yourself against another by nullifying an opponent’s attack, taking them to the ground, maneuvering to a position of dominance, then applying leverage and technique to finish your attacker.

Interested in Fitness with Real Techniques? Train Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Muay Thai Kickboxing has been rated as one of the best fat shredders out there, burning up to 800 calories in one hour. Our students love how TONED and STRONG their body gets from training. Get your heart rate up and start losing weight through high intensity training that is proven to help you shred fat faster and have a blast doing it! Besides the fitness, you will learn REAL-DEAL self-defense techniques and striking. All professional fighters consider Muay Thai as a huge key to their success in employing the most effective and efficient fighting techniques available. Imagine the confidence you’ll gain knowing you’re getting your body in the best shape of your life while learning skills that’ll protect you and your loved ones.

Interested in Straight Forward Self-Defense? Train Krav Maga.

Krav Maga is a Hebrew phrase that translates directly as “contact combat”. This Israeli Self-Defense and Combat Fitness program employs the most EFFECTIVE self-defense systems available today based on both Israeli Martial Arts and the Israeli Military. You’ll be confident learning the most efficient and effective techniques that are taught in an easy-to-learn format. Krav Maga encompasses hand-to-hand, weapon defenses, and weapon utilization; in other words, unarmed and armed combat methodologies. Krav Maga is also continually enhanced so not only will you strengthen your body, you’ll also improve your confidence to know that you can handle yourself in a self-defense encounter because you’re employing the same techniques and tactics that are used on the battlefield.

Interested in Traditional Martial Arts? Learn TaeKwon-Do.

Juniors, Teens, and Adults can train TaeKwon-Do together in our family-friendly environment. TaeKwon-Do focuses on three different aspects of the martial arts: the traditional, combat/self-defense, and sport. Our goal is to highlight each of these areas through consistent training to create a balanced curriculum and well rounded student. TaeKwon-Do focuses on the mental, emotional, physical, and social areas of personal development. Build confidence while learning effective striking and self-defense techniques. Use the learning of traditional TaeKwon-Do patterns as tool to strengthen muscles and increase coordination.

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