Meet the Instructors:
Master Anthony Kuntz
7th Degree Black Belt

Anthony C. Kuntz is a 7th Degree Internationally Certified Black Belt Instructor in TaeKwon-Do as well as an ICCS Krav Maga Instructor (including being the ICCS USA Director), NRA Instructor, and has trained in Brazilin Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Kung-Fu, Muay Thai, and more. Having the privilege to live overseas, Mr. Kuntz solidified his mixed martial arts training in many beautiful destinations such as Japan, Korea, and Europe.

Master Kuntz has a keen rapport especially with children using the philosophies he has learned with an emphasis on Behaviorism including the use of “Positive Reinforcement”. These teachings have been concretely reinforced and labeled with education in the field of Psychology with an emphasis on Behavior Modification from the University of South Florida.

Meet the Instructors:
Mr. Chris Kuntz
5th Degree Black Belt

Chris Kuntz holds the rank of 5th Degree Black Belt in TaeKwon-Do, a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and is an ICCS Krav Maga Instructor. Mr. Chris is the brother of Anthony Kuntz and the Chief Instructor at Martial Arts Advantage North. He is dedicated to sharing his love of the martial arts with students and families.


Mr. Chris began his martial arts training at a young age and has continuously strived to improve himself in the martial arts and personal development. He also has a passion for helping others achieve a healthier, stronger, happier, and better version of themselves.

Our Academies

Martial Arts Advantage has TWO great locations serving the Tampa Bay Area.
North Tampa Martial Arts Advantage
North Tampa
The North Tampa academy had humble beginnings starting in Tampa Palms in 1998. It has since flourished into a full time academy that serves so many families. The North Tampa academy features an After School Program and plenty of mat space. The lobby is set up to be family friendly and offers free Wi-Fi and complimentary coffee, so parents or students can make the best use of their time during or between classes. North Tampa • 234A E. Bearss Ave. 33613 • 813-977-8800
South Tampa
The South Tampa location is a very high-end academy. It features a huge workout area with two mat spaces (gold room and silver room) with a variety of programs and classes. The lobby is set up cafe style to accommodate families and parents with complimentary Wi-Fi and snacks/drinks available for purchase. The South Tampa location also features a secondary building dedicated to housing its After School Program with several rooms and plenty of space to play and do homework. South Tampa • 3311 S. Dale Mabry Hwy. 33629 • 813-832-8800

Contact Us at Either of Our Two Great Locations!

North Tampa

234A. E. Bearss Ave.

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South Tampa

3311 S. Dale Mabry Hwy.

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Choose Your Program:

Kids Martial Arts
Martial Arts is the perfect activity for kids! The exercise will keep them in shape and the positive attitude will keep them happy. Plus, the respect, courtesy, and self-confidence will give them an advantage in school, relationships, and on their outlook on life. And, they will learn some amazing self-defense skills at the same time!
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Adult Martial Arts
Adults LOVE our martial arts programs. Our programs are designed to shred fat, burn calories, build muscle, develop self-defense, AND you’ll have a blast doing it! From the traditional to the straight-forward, we have it all: TaeKwon-Do, Israeli Self-Defense, Muay Thai / Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
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