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Welcome to Martial Arts Advantage!

thumb-welcomeWelcome to Martial Arts Advantage, serving Florida’s Tampa Bay area for over 13 years with two full time academies located in North Tampa and South Tampa. The basis of Martial Arts Advantage is years of professional instruction and training to help you and your family accomplish all the goals you have in mind. Classes are available for children to adults and all experience levels (from the beginner student to those with a little more skill under their belt). Martial Arts Advantage’s programs are designed to promote discipline, respect, confidence, strength, cardio, fitness, focus, and so much more. Cutting edge instruction is delivered by our instructors who not only teach, but live and train by the philosophy of constant and never ending improvement. Programs range from traditional Martial Arts such as TaeKwon-Do to the straight forward self-defense and combat fitness provided in our HaganaH F.I.G.H.T. system; not to mention Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai. Martial Arts Advantage is also home to a much sought after structured art program and after school program.  Add to that the countless other seminars we host and teach and you have the premier Martial Arts training experience in Tampa, Florida. So, what are you waiting for? Come be a part of our family and experience the Martial Arts Advantage today!

Fitness, Discipline, Focus, & Respect for the Whole Family!

thumb-disciplineMartial Arts Advantage promotes a family friendly, safety first atmosphere. Whether you’re an adult looking to start a new program or are thinking of giving your youngster an edge in life, we have a class for you! Martial Arts is the perfect activity for kids. The exercise will keep them in shape and the positive attitude will keep them happy. The respect, courtesy, and self-confidence will give them an advantage in school, relationships, and on their outlook on life. The Little Dragons Program is specialized for four and five year olds so that they are working a traditional martial arts curriculum and real techniques in a manner that is perfect for their age group. And, every single class they will learn and practice what it means to be courteous and respectful as well as improve their focus and discipline. For six year olds to adults we have our Family TaeKwon-Doclasses as well as teenager/adult only programs, which include our Israeli Combat FitnessBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai.  Also, be sure to check out our structured art curriculum to help cultivate your youngster’s creative side.  Martial Arts Advantage has also combined this sought out art program with an amazing after school program at the North Tampa location.  Imagine how great it will be that your child is safe after school, in a program he/she loves, where he/she will work towards earning his/her black belt and keeping up on school work.

Bully Proof and Protect Your Loved Ones.

thumb-kidsafeSelf-defense starts with knowledge and confidence. Being more aware and safety conscious is one of the most important ways to protect yourself. Whether you’re an adult or want to bully-proof your children our martial arts programs cater to these needs. We also offer Bully-Proof seminars and Kid Safe Workshops. Let’s face it. Bullies are everywhere and every school has them. They taunt, tease, shove, and beat up other kids. Indirect bullying — where kids are ignored or excluded — can be just as devastating as a physical assault, say experts. The Bully Proof Workshop provides elementary, middle, and high school students with tips and strategies for handling bullies, which is a big problem facing children today. Students are made aware of the physical, verbal, and psychological aspects of bullying along with steps that can be taken to deal with bullies. Beyond simple bullying, keeping your children safe is of utmost importance as, by now, the stories are all too familiar. A child is missing: vanished from the family’s back yard, snatched from the bus stop or stolen from his or her own bedroom. The pictures on the evening news have become a thumb-bullyproofghostly reminder of childhood lost. These stories are heartbreaking for everyone; the parents’ grief is unbearable. Meanwhile, across the nation, parents fear their child could be next. Justice Department research indicates the risk of abduction by a stranger increases through elementary school and peaks at age 15. Today, it is most important to make sure our kids are being empowered by learning leadership life skills that will keep them safe and to be surrounded by a positive environment with positive leaders. These skills will help build their self-esteem and self-confidence. Our children are our most precious gifts, and deserve to be armed with the tools to keep them safe. Call us today to see about our next Nationally Accredited Bully-Proof or Kid Safe Workshops, or, even better, set up an event for your group absolutely FREE. It is our way of building a strong community and keeping our children safe. Adult self-defense and fitness workshops are also available. “I didn’t think it could happen to me” is a phrase no one should utter. Don’t be reactive…be proactive! Call us today at either our North Tampa location (813-977-8800) or our South Tampa location (813-832-8800).

Tampa Bay’s Best After-School Program!

Karate Kids have a blast! Imagine this: you’re at work while your son or daughter is earning their black belt, expressing their inner artist, and enjoying a safe, positive, and fun environment. Martial Arts Advantage wants you to experience the best and most unique way for your child to spend their time after school. Our Program Director is a mother, teacher, and certified art instructor. She is bi-lingual in Spanish and English with the most caring attitude you will ever find. You want to give your child the best in life; we are here to help. Currently, we are picking up from Lake Magdalene Elementary and Maniscalco Elementary. Let us know if your child attends another school we can service! Get enrolled in the Best After School Program in Tampa. Give us a call or drop an email and we will invite you to check out our facility, meet the instructors, take a personal tour of the academy, and even try out a class for FREE.

Party Like a Ninja! The Best Birthday Party Ever!

thumb-birthdaysOur Martial Arts Birthday Parties are the best in the Bay! What better way to celebrate another year for your young one than giving him or her the best birthday party experience ever. And, better yet, we handle all the work so you and all the other parents can sit back, relax, and socialize. Your child will be the star of the show! The party includes an incredible martial arts class and non-stop, exciting games and activities. For a finale, we’ll help the birthday boy or girl cut the cake with a real samurai sword! Plus, we will exhibit a Black Belt demonstration and have your child break a board in front of all family and friends in attendance. Our awesome Instructors will be sure you’ll have an event to remember and, yes, we handle all the clean up. You supply the cake, the birthday child, and the guests. Let us do the rest for you.

“Hudson’s 8th birthday party was the best ever! All 40 children had a blast! They practiced martial arts, played games, and danced for two hours straight! All the parents had to do was sit back, chat, snack and enjoy! Our six and a half year old daughter is begging us to have her party there too. Thanks so much Mr. Kuntz and staff for making our son’s birthday a memorable one! In the words of Arnold Schwarzengger, ‘We’ll be back!'”  –The Franklin Family

Birthday dates fill up fast. Call us to schedule yours today! North Tampa (813-977-8800) • South Tampa (813-832-8800)

You’re Invited!Your 1st Personal Training Session for FREE!

We welcome you and your family to come visit either of our high-end Tampa Martial Arts Advantage facilities. We will give you a personal tour of the academy and take you through your first class. We know the most important thing for you and your family is to come on in, meet the instructor, check out the academy, and tell us about all the goals you have in mind. Trying a class out or attending a personal private session is the perfect way to see if the Martial Arts is right for you and your family.

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